Need to Know
  1. What this works: whole body
  2. Body weight exercise with many variations
  3. Side plank is also a good move for yoga class

Start in basic plank position. Rotate onto your side and place your feet on top of each other, making sure to keep your hips stacked and in line with the rest of your body. Place your free arm along the side of your body, place your hand on your top hip, or raise your hand into the air, creating a T-shape with both arms.

Where should you feel this?

Your whole body will engage during this move.



Work up from this…

Forearm Side Plank

For this variation, simply start in a forearm front plank and remain on your forearm when rotating into your side plank.


Fire Hydrant Side Plank

Start in basic plank position, but before you rotate onto your right side, drop your left knee down to the floor, then rotate your body and right hip to enter the side plank position. Lift your right leg slightly off the ground or keep your toes just barely touching the floor.