Need to Know
  1. It's rumored that kale will hit the Golden Arches in 2015
  2. McDonald's just says it's always looking for new ingredients

McDonald’s finally contemplating kale in 2015 feels a lot like your awkward uncle starting to say “bae,” but it seems like that’s what’s happening: A restaurant industry publication reported in March that kale will be an ingredient in a yet-to-be-revealed McDonald’s product within the year.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, McDonald’s wouldn’t confirm or deny the reports, saying only that “we’re always looking at new and different ingredients that [our customers] may enjoy.” But an industry analyst said that the leafy green should be making its way into at least some stores later this year. It could be a step toward the burger chain attempting healthier offerings — they’ve also said they’re done with chicken raised with antibiotics — or just an attempt to  capitalize on a trend and stave off further declines in sales.

But here’s my question: What specifically might the Golden Arches have planned for America’s trendiest veggie?

I think this McDonald’s ad from earlier this year makes it pretty clear that we’re not getting kale on a Big Mac. The Bold Italic wonders if kale chips might make an appearance on the dollar menu. My prediction is that it will be incorporated into a new entry in the token smoothie category, but at least one fellow Spright editor has her money on a straight-up salad. Or — gasp — a veggie burger? Place your bets now!