Need to Know
  1. The Apple Watch began to ship on April 24
  2. The price ranges from $349 — $17,000
  3. Here's one list of the best health apps released so far

If Christmas came early for you in the form of the new wrist computer known as the Apple Watch, we hope it’s everything that you’ve ever wanted (and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for those of you still waiting by your mailbox). With over 1.7 million preorders, there will be a bunch of these watches on wrists before long — and lots of apps competing for space on that sleek face.

On the fitness front, the Apple Watch is striving to combine all your wearable health needs into one device, hoping to motivate you to “sit less, move more, and get some exercise” and even enabling you to send your heart rate to other friends who also have the watch. Talk about personalization. We’re still testing out the watch we unboxed on Friday, but in the meantime, TechCrunch is giving us all a head start by picking out its favorite Apple Watch health and fitness apps, including everything from a yoga app to a water tracker to a medication alarm. Check out all 22 TechCrunch picks now.