Need to Know
  1. This is our Halloween themed episode of "Overserved"
  2. The group discusses ghosts and scary movies
  3. A celebrity scandal derails the conversation for a while

It’s our eighth episode of Overserved and our first holiday. In this spooky special, our editor did some quick fine-tuning, added some ghostly sound effects, and voila! We have a belated Halloween gift to you. In this segment:

  • We’re an average of two stiff gin martinis in, thanks to Carnet.
  • We lose our sh*t as Danny busts out a surprise that derailed the conversation for about five minutes, with nude photos of an A-list celebrity circa 1997.
  • We find out who has a ghost in their apartment, and who finds that terrifying.
  • We realize how hard it is to say “quality over quantity,” a true tongue-twister.
  • We go back to the scariest of scary movies according to our teenage selves.

Listen up, and stay tuned for many more episodes — and drinks — coming soon!


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