Need to Know
  1. Themed cocktail: none. Wine is a safer choice.
  2. First dates with fitness: there’s an app for that.
  3. Sweat-shorts are a thing. All year.

Things may have gone a little far with the libations last week, so we dial it back this time, which seems to have no effect on the topics of conversation whatsoever. Kicking things off this week, we debate whether or not it’s a good idea to introduce fitness, and maybe some competition, to a first date or new relationship. This leads us to the things people do to get a little boost before working out, in which we relate Ronda Rousey’s tactic to the infamously scandalous Olympic Village. Our first listener request was to share both how to prevent a hangover and how to cure one. Personal preferences vary widely. Last but not least, the crew chats about sweatpant season, sweatshorts trending, “cuffing,” and how Danny truly believes hibernation should be on our calendar. The most important lesson we learned this week: Cocktails keep us sharp. 

Stories Discussed:

Sprinter: The Dating App with a Fitness Twist

Sofia Vergara on Necessity of Pre-Workout Coffee

Why Sex Helps Ronda Rousey Fight Better

Finally, an app to trend the amount of time you spend bragging about your workouts

Pre-Pear Yourself: have we ended the fruitless search for hangover prevention?

Good News, It’s Guys’ Sweatpants Season

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