Need to Know
  1. We tried the newest men's workout shorts on the market
  2. Our mission was to find the most versatile short available
  3. Three new brands — and one standby — were put to the test

Even as the weather gets cooler, men still tend to gravitate towards workout shorts versus pants. I’m not sure why women embrace full-length styles more than guys, but in my experience, it seems to be a thing. So, despite the fact that winter is looming, I decided to try out the latest workout shorts for men, knowing that even if all of the El Niño predictions come true, I can still wear these at the gym or, if I’m feeling brave, outside with a pair of active tights underneath.

For this test I decided to try on a variety of shorts from some new players in the space, namely OLIVERS, Onzie, and FL2, and one tried-and-true brand — lululemon. I wore all of these shorts during a variety of activities (running, yoga, indoor cycling), except for one pair, which, as you’ll see below, didn’t make it outside of the yoga studio. More than anything, I wanted to see which shorts would give me the most bang for my buck (and, full disclosure, all but the FL2 shorts were sent to Spright for this test). Space in my closet is limited, so any activewear I add into it has to see me through more than one activity.

The Verdict

If you're looking for one of the most versatile shorts on the market, look no further than lululemon's Pace Breaker Short with Luxtreme liner. At $74 they're the most expensive shorts that I tried, but they were also the most comfortable across a range of workouts. With a built-in compression lining, these shorts were made for cycling, but seamlessly integrated into my running and yoga routine, too.

If you prefer to have no lining, I recommend OLIVERS's  All Over Short. These shorts are incredibly well-crafted and sturdy. And while they might not be perfect for all activities — they're a little stiff for yoga — I think they're perfectly suited for more outdoorsy pursuits, like hiking.

The Test

I tested four different pairs of shorts to see which could see me through the most activities, including running, yoga, cycling and weight-lifting. Each pair had to justify its (sometimes hefty) price tag and hold up well after multiple washings.

How We Review

The Contenders

Final Thoughts

If you need a short that can see you through various types of workouts in any given week, I stand behind the lululemon Pace Breaker Short. But, you have to be on board with a substantial (and tight) lining. If that's not for you, I would recommend OLIVERS All Over Short instead, especially if your workouts tend to be outdoors. The jury is out on the FL2 shorts, but I do recommend Onzie's Classic Men's Short — though for hot yoga only.