Need to Know
  1. Yogitoes stay in place thanks to skidless dots on the bottom
  2. You can get Yogitoes in a variety of colors
  3. Yogitoes are machine washable

Yoga towels aren’t just for hot yoga anymore. These days, it’s rare to walk into any studio without seeing a rainbow of skidless towels spread over mats, folded at the top ready to be brought into the action, or draped over the shoulders of waiting yogis. Every major yoga brand has a version these days, but I keep coming back to the classic Yogitoes skidless towel ($64), which comes in just about any color combination you could want. Of course, we all have grand plans about keeping our yoga mats clean and disinfected (which is important!), but having a towel that helps absorb the sweat and can be thrown into the wash makes this even easier. I have a handful of these Yogitoes towels which I have washed and dried countless times, and they still perform perfectly. (Note: their site warns that the color may bleed their first few washes and recommends hang drying.)

Even after years of use, the rubber grips on the bottom of the towels still keep them in place even through the most challenging heated vinyasa flow classes. Plus, that moment of moving from a standing or inversion sequence to that Child’s pose, head rested on that comfy Yogitoes towel? Priceless.