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  1. We tested four brands for comfort, function, & versatility
  2. prAna took the prize for best pair of athletic leggings
  3. Also featuring reviews for Onzie, K-DEER, and Cotopaxi

Let’s be real: When it comes to working out, what you’re wearing plays a key role in how much you’re able to focus and enjoy your chosen activity. For me, before I shell out money on gear, it has to meet three criteria.

  1. It needs to prevent all (or most) of the potential wardrobe-related distractions that tend to happen when you’re moving around a lot. This includes shirts riding up when you go from Upward- to Downward-Facing Dog, pants slipping down as you run, etc.
  2. It needs to be versatile. Buying clothes that will work everywhere from the yoga studio to the weight room is especially important if you’re on a budget or trying to save space in your closet.
  3. It needs to be outside the mainstream. There are a few tried-and-true brands currently ruling the activewear market, but when I walk into a class or a gym, I don’t want to be wearing the exact same thing as everyone around me. As a result, I prefer to get workout gear from a wider scope of brands that make similar high-quality products to ensure my wardrobe is stocked with varied, unique designs.

Here are my findings from the latest round-up of activewear tops and bottoms that I put to my three-factor test, including pieces from Onzie, prAna, K-Deer, and Cotopaxi.

The Test

As noted above, any activewear I invest in needs to be versatile, comfortable, and functional in order to make me feel confident and ready to work out. Following those criteria, the prAna Misty Leggings definitely stood out, checking all three boxes and surpassing lululemon to become my favorite pair of activewear bottoms. K-DEER's leggings came in a close second, taking first place for the most standout print. While Onzie's capri pants weren't a perfect fit, their Circle Bra performed solidly during a variety of activities. Cotopaxi's Erindi Tank, while cut a bit wide, proved itself in the weight room. Overall, most of the pieces I tested performed well and were worth the price.

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Final Thoughts

While their Dreaming top fell a bit short, prAna's Misty Leggings blew me away; they're now my go-to activewear bottoms. K-DEER's leggings and tank top provide a pop in the world of colorful prints, but you might hesitate to take them out of the yoga room or indoor cycling studio if you're not into standing out. Onzie's Circle Bra held up well during a variety of activities, though I'd opt to get the legging version of their capri pants. Cotopaxi's Erindi Tank, while cut a bit wide, proved itself in the weight room. Overall, these brands performed well and are worth keeping an eye on for new, quality activewear products.

Note: All products were provided for testing by their respective brands.

The Testers

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Editor, Spright
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